Consultancy & Services


KEDA is an Oracle certified partner providing a full application lifecycle management from consultancy implementation to ongoing support for application solutions in the HCM space. The services include supplementary maintenance and support, and fully outsourced application management.

KEDA has a pool of consultants who assume their relevant roles from business domain, functional to technical responsibilities. This ensures KEDA not only has the capability in the products we represent, but also equipped with strong business process skills. The depth and breadth of experience allows customers to evolve their systems effectively without compromising the service to the business. By partnering with our customers, with an emphasis on defining deliverables, project phases, up-front estimates and timeframes, we mutually commit the right resources at the right time for the right results. You will find we mold our services to fit your specific business and technology requirements.

Our key consultancy service offerings include:

Project Management
Consisting of Project Planning, Change Management, Risk Assessment, Resource Management and Quality Assurance
Business Process Advisory
Providing advices on good business practices and sharing of industry experiences
Implementation Services
Comprising of Fit Gap, Business Process Mapping, System Configuration, Prototyping, Report Writing, Testing, End User Training and Production Support
Technical Services / Migration of Legacy System
Providing Architecture/ Configuration Planning, Performance Tuning, Systems Integration, Data Mapping and Data Conversion
Upgrade Services
Providing Patches Application, Tools Upgrade, Application Upgrade, and Database Migration
Solution Templates
Consisting of Customized Solution Modules in the form of eApplications (including eClaims), Mobile Applications and localized business value selling solutions
System Audit and Testing
Consisting of activities like System Audit, System Testing and Performance Testing

Delivery Excellence Centre

KEDA’s Delivery Excellence Centre (DEC) possesses the industry’s foremost expertise in HCM solutions. The DEC library is made up of industry professionals widely acknowledged as amongst the best implementers of HCM solutions with relevant experiences spanning over a decade. With deep industry and business process expertise and a proven track record, KEDA can mobilize from the DEC library the right people, skills and technologies to help clients improve their performance.

In addition to the key responsibilities of providing solutioning and acting as the primary interface to the customers, KEDA’s Delivery Excellence Centre also provides the platform for expertise advice, guidance and mentoring to our project team. This provision forms part of our ongoing talent management methodology.

Implementation Services

KEDA started with PeopleSoft based implementation services since the 1990s. These services revolved around the following:

  • End to end new implementations
  • Upgrade to higher release services
  • Small or large-scale development projects
  • Installation and optimisation of PeopleSoft solutions

Our implementation approach is based on a tried and proven methodology to deliver the right solutions with tailored services to solve your unique business requirements.

We work closely with our clients as one unit focussing on designing and implementing solutions that will achieve your business objectives. The key to our approach is high-powered teams, combining our seasoned system professionals with the people who know your business best, your staff. This collaborative approach not only gives us the ability to deliver the project, but also the platform to accelerate the knowledge transfer process.

The key principles of our implementation services are governed by the following:

Define the project objectives and scope
A clear and agreed upon project objectives and scope is necessary to provide the right direction and focus
Understand requirements and processes
The cornerstone of our approach is to establish a firm understanding of your business requirements and current business processes as the platform for all project design, testing and implementation decisions.
Utilize highly experienced teams
We believe that experience is the key ingredient in forming successful project teams. The team’s experience influences the quality of the final design, the quality of the testing and especially the quality of the end user training.
Change Management
Review and approval processes, issue resolution and decision paths, status reporting and scope control to ensure issues are quickly resolved and all standards are being followed.
Key users involvement
Key process owners must be readily available as subject matter experts and as participants during the entire project from analysis and design through to training, testing and implementation.
Knowledge transfer
Involvement of end users and KEDA resources across each area of the project is essential to ensure that knowledge transfer is occurring throughout the life of the project and to position you to effectively manage the system once in production.
User Acceptance & integration testing
The quality of this type of system implementation greatly depends on structured user acceptance and integration testing. We believe in creating test scripts and scenarios early in the implementation to allow the project team to measure its progress.
End user readiness
Aside from system testing, user readiness is the very key area where a project’s success is measured. We believe in the early focus on end user training documentation preparation and procedural development.


Training is a very essential part of a project. In this department, KEDA works closely with the users to ensure effective education is provided. We have a pool of qualified instructors who have experience in project implementation and delivery. They bring with them valuable implementation know-how and real project issues into the classroom environment to be shared with the course participants.

The trainings provided by KEDA can be categorized as follows:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Course Content Development
  • Instructor Led Training
  • End User Training


As pressure mounts due to globalization and demanding consumers, companies are struggling to find effective, cost-efficient solutions to support and expand application environments. At the same time companies have to work hard to find and keep the best people. They have to pay them fairly, give them challenging work, and provide them with first-class support - all with a sharp focus on the bottom line. KEDA understands that companies may have different levels of need, and has solutions for these challenges. In our scalable approach, KEDA manages all or part of our customer’s existing systems and applications. We provide functional and technical expertise to accomplish most technical tasks and run their applications without actually outsourcing their internal processes.

We deliver the following range of capabilities:

Resource Outsourcing
In this area, we outsource appropriate resources to meet the specific needs of the customers like Business Analysis; Coding and Unit Testing; System Integration and User Acceptance Testing; Project and Program Management; and System enhancement.
Operation and Support Outsourcing
In some instances we do actually station our staffs to handle the operational and support aspect of an organization in the most cost-efficient and time-effective manner. One example is the processing of the payroll functions or provision of internal technical support against a pre-defined SLA.
System Support and Maintenance Services
This is basically the provision of application technical support and maintenance over a specific period of time with an agreed SLA that keep your software running.

Offshore Development

As a measure to curtail rising cost, software development activities have been carried out in offshore locations where there are cost advantages. With that as a necessity in order to maintain a competitive edge, we have continued to enhance our offshore development centre in Kuala Lumpur. We have put in place and continue to build a pool of developers with a mix level of experience to provide such a service.


Post implementation support is essential for any completed project as it is one pre-requisite to ensure the utility value and return of the project are realised. As an added value, KEDA does provide different configuration of support services to meet the different needs of customers.

We can configure our support services from a SLA based structure to placement of resources at your premise to handle the day to day operation. Given the extent of the products we are supporting, the concept of our support structure is to have always a library of in in-house expertise to address the many facets of the issues that our customers may be having; a concept very much an extension of our Delivery Excellence Centre.

KEDA has extensive product insights, in depth knowledge of business issues and proven track record to guide you through the complexity of deploying ERP solutions successfully.

Business process best, or rather recommended practices are only applicable when they are relevant in many unique environments. With a wealth of relevant domain knowhow and knowledge, we are then able to advise our customers accordingly on the applicability of such practices.

We provide a full application lifecycle management from consultancy implementation to ongoing support. The services include supplementary maintenance and support, and fully outsourced application management.

We believe that partnership multiplies productivity and success. As the industry is a fairly complex one, we seek partners which integrate and complete our solutions to the customers.