Learning & Development

At KEDA, we encourage professional development along a well defined career path which provides people with realistic opportunities to grow their skills, gaining valuable industry exposure to develop their potentials and accelerate their careers.

We have a range of training courses, a self-directed career development process and a mentoring program to help you move your career forward. Of course, none of this can replace your own imagination and ambition as ultimately, only you can be accountable for the development of your own career. Apart from training courses, people can also gain valuable experience and geographical exposure as they move between projects and countries.

We have created an environment where individuals are on the move, making choices, chasing their career goals and learning new skills along the way. With the appropriate capabilities, we have had consultants move vertically and horizontally between customer support, consulting implementation and delivery of training courses. On the other hand we also have consultants who do not want to change role and only focus on what they do best.

Our philosophy is to develop each and every individual to ensure he or she makes a difference to the organization. This has always been our people-focused philosophy.

Employment Opportunities

KEDA has a flat organizational structure with the intent of keeping ourselves flexible and agile; allowing us hence to respond quickly to changes in the market. We employ a wide spectrum of talents; ranging from technically skilled talents to consultants who have the acumen for business processes, from engineers who have the aptitude for systems to project managers who manage people and challenges well. We also adopt the practice of employing ambitious fresh graduates as associate consultants whom we nurture and develop along a well-defined career path. For more senior positions, we look for exceptional people with deep skills and experience.

We are always on a look out for people who are intent on using their innovative and technical talents to produce and deliver high quality solutions.

To apply, please send your CV to this email address:

KEDA has extensive product insights, in depth knowledge of business issues and proven track record to guide you through the complexity of deploying ERP solutions successfully.

Business process best, or rather recommended practices are only applicable when they are relevant in many unique environments. With a wealth of relevant domain knowhow and knowledge, we are then able to advise our customers accordingly on the applicability of such practices.

We provide a full application lifecycle management from consultancy implementation to ongoing support. The services include supplementary maintenance and support, and fully outsourced application management.

We believe that partnership multiplies productivity and success. As the industry is a fairly complex one, we seek partners which integrate and complete our solutions to the customers.