Business Focus

Our Market

We started our business in Malaysia. We now have project experience across the Asia Pacific region with offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Across the many industry sectors, financial services has always been one of the sectors where our participation has been very visible. We have done projects for not only major banks across the region but also other financial institutions like the investment bodies, insurance and stock broking firms.

In the telecommunication sector, a major success area of ours, the major players in Malaysia have in one way or another successful experience of our services. With higher education a top agenda in many countries, we deliver our services to this vertical in places as far as Sarawak in Malaysia and Karachi in Pakistan. Another service sector where we have been successful is in the transportation.

In the healthcare sector, we are engaged by both public and private hospitals. Besides providing expertise in the implementation of financials and human resource for the healthcare industry, we also offer solution for the front-end billing system. With manufacturing as the economic backbone of many Asia Pacific countries, we have helped to put in place variation of human capital systems to manage the large workforce in a number of factories.

Our Customers

We have been partnering with our customers to solve their business challenges. Throughout the service engagement, our expert consultants share their vast knowledge and real world experience with customers. Our consultants take the time to listen and learn about your business challenges and enterprise goals coupled with their extensive experience, enable us to deliver the right solutions and tailored services to meet your unique business requirements.

Geographically, our customers span across the whole of Asia Pacific region, i.e. from China to Indonesia, and from Malaysia to Pakistan. Although they cut across a whole spectrum of industries, the customer base tends to skew towards the service related industry where employees are a key asset.

Whilst we continue to add new customers to our customer base, some of our customers for example have been with us through many versions of the PeopleSoft products. We continue to grow together with these customers with new services as they grow and expand their operations, especially globally.

Our Partners

We believe that partnership multiplies productivity and success. As the industry is a fairly complex one, we seek partners which integrate and complete our solutions to the customers.

We are a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, and have alliances with system integrators and other consulting services firms as well where they have either a strong presence in specific countries and territories or focus on specific areas that complement us, or both. In terms of technology infrastructure, we have working relationship with the major players which provide offerings in the database, hardware and network markets

KEDA has extensive product insights, in depth knowledge of business issues and proven track record to guide you through the complexity of deploying ERP solutions successfully.

Business process best, or rather recommended practices are only applicable when they are relevant in many unique environments. With a wealth of relevant domain knowhow and knowledge, we are then able to advise our customers accordingly on the applicability of such practices.

We provide a full application lifecycle management from consultancy implementation to ongoing support. The services include supplementary maintenance and support, and fully outsourced application management.

We believe that partnership multiplies productivity and success. As the industry is a fairly complex one, we seek partners which integrate and complete our solutions to the customers.